Nacogdoches residents claim bed bugs make them itching mad

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - For months Shenika Hogan has wondered if bed bugs could be causing bumps on her family's skin. The Austin Place resident got her evidence yesterday morning.

"I had been scratching and I just happened to look down and I seen these two little bugs, right here, crawling in my bed," said Hogan as she pulled out the little insects. By all appearances they looked like bed bugs.

Shenika took her bug collection to the manager. "He told me there wasn't nothing he could do, but another tenant told me to go get the maintenance man and this is what the maintenance man gave me," said Hogan, lifting up a spray bottle of bed bug chemical spray. The manager hung up when contacted by a reporter.

Shenika washed, sprayed and inspected. This afternoon she agreed to push the mattress up. More evidence of bed bugs were found.

Just talking about the problem causes people to scratch. "I been itching because knowing the fact I have bugs in my house, it makes me itch," said Shenika.

Her kids have a valid reason for not wanting to go to bed. "They make me have bites all over my arm," said Tae Wright, Shenika's 8 year old son.

"They make me itch and have big bumps on my feet and on my back and stuff," said his six year old sister, Ra'liah Griffin.

Neighbors eagerly showed off their bumps. "Looks like they had a field day on you," exclaimed one neighbor to a friend.

Theories of where the insects are coming from vary. Some think the bugs are crawling out of the wood work. "I have tissue stopping up the holes in my walls from bed bugs that's in them," said Lashawnda Johnson.

According to several bed bug web sites, the blood suckers are found in hotels, hospitals and homes and apartments. Once they've found a place they like, they bed in and snuggle up.

Not all exterminators treat bed bug infestations. They depend too much on the customer doing their part in controlling the problem. Few do it right.

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