Counselor testifies in Okla. warden's wife's trial

MANGUM, OK (AP) - A defense attorney for a former Oklahoma warden's wife accused of helping a convicted killer escape wants to know if detectives considered the inmate's mental health during their investigation.

Prosecutors allege Bobbi Parker aided inmate Randolph Dial's 1994 escape from the Oklahoma State Reformatory after falling in love with him. But defense lawyer Garvin Isaacs says she was kidnapped by Dial, whom he has called a manipulative sociopath.

Isaacs questioned Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation agent Robert Williams for the second consecutive day on Thursday.

Williams testified he knew nothing about Dial's mental health background, other than a report he received from the FBI.

Isaacs showed him a 1979 report that described Dial as "an extremely sociopathic fellow," and another report that said he had "an extreme talent for manipulation."

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