Plank you very much

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - In the 1920s it was flagpole sitting, the thirties, goldfish swallowing... later phone booth and Volkswagen stuffing. Today, a new fad is sweeping the nation. It's called planking, and it's all over Facebook and you tube.

But, just what is planking?

Never heard of it was most people's response. Planking is spreading all over the web, and as it turns out there's not much to it. The object is to pretty much lay there. After that, it's really all about the picture and location.

Surely the younger generation knows about the fad that originated in Australia. And, what better place to find the younger generation than a skatepark?

The sole skater wasn't familiar with it.

But, since he rides a plank, he figured it out pretty quickly, and then he even did a more advanced plank right there on his board. Slim pickings in the heat, so, on to the air conditioning.

Some had actually heard of it at Premier Fitness, and one seemed to be spontaneously planking without provocation. Turned out he was just working out. Others were not too sure about it, but were willing to try it. And it seemed to draw a crowd.

Then someone else did it. Was planking suddenly spreading like... flooring? Not so much. No one else tried it.

According to Wikipedia, it's really just a goofy thing to post on the internet. One post at Yahoo Answers said it was a tribute to Snoopy.

There are some pretty funny planks out there. Some of them look dangerous. Last May, an Australian died trying to plank on a seventh story balcony. So, we're just saying, think before you plank.

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