Nacogdoches Dragon Band will play in Hawaii

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - A Hawaiian mayor would like the Golden Dragon Band to play on the U.S.S. Missouri at Pearl Harbor next March. The band says, just the idea of it is amazing.

"We are very excited. It is an amazing opportunity. We're honored to be doing it, and the kids are very excited about going," said the president of the Dragon Band booster club, Rachael Thumann.

"I feel like it's an honor to be able to play with them," said baritone player, Justin Wharton.

Some say the destination alone is enough to get them pumped.

"I'm super excited. I've always wanted to go on a trip to Hawaii," said drum major, Meagan Thumann.

The band attributes much of their success to each other's drive to succeed.

"They actually try and want to do better, so it's not like an organization where they don't try. we actually want to be better, so it's just everybody's attitudes that help out," said M. Thumann.

"Hard work, teamwork, support from the parents. the kids, they love music. they love their band. they love the band director, Mr. wells. and, they work very hard to be successful and to make him proud," said R. Thumann.

Each of the 180 band members will be responsible for raising 1,600 dollars, by December, just to make the 300,000 dollar trip. The band will be conducting fundraisers until the trip, like today's rummage sale at the high school. They're planning bake sales, car washes and another yard sale. They say any bit you can donate helps.

"We're trying to do multiple fundraising opportunities to allow them a chance to help raise that money," said R. Thumann.

Kids must stay on top of their grades before the trip because UIL rules say that anyone with failing scores may not attend.