Angelina County probation officers may go to four-day week

Rodney Thompson, Probation Director
Rodney Thompson, Probation Director

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - If Angelina County judges give the O.K.'d to a new plan, probation officers' schedules will soon change.

Anytime, the county's probation office wants to amend budget or operations they have to present it during the District Judges and County Court of Law Judges meeting.

On Wednesday morning, they will be asking to change all probation officers from a five-day work week to a four-day work week.

They'll work ten hour days, and get a three-day weekend.

"It leaves our offices open more hours. It'll be open from like 7 in the morning until like 6 at night. So people have better hours they can work. It won't affect their work. We'll be here at times that are more for us," said Rodney Thompson, Director of Angelina County Probation Office.

Half of the officers will get Monday off and the other half will have Friday off.  The changes will only happen if the judges approve.

If approved tomorrow, the new schedule will start in September.

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