Texas housing agency awarding $4.9 million to prevent statewide homelessness

Patti Goodrum, Executive Director, Love INC
Patti Goodrum, Executive Director, Love INC
Diedra James, Assistant Director, Family Crisis Center
Diedra James, Assistant Director, Family Crisis Center

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - "Our area's in a homeless crisis housing situation," said Love INC Executive Director, Patti Goodrum.

This is why the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs is awarding over 4.9 million dollars to emergency shelters, even in the midst of economic crisis. These shelters house homeless Texans and assist those needing housing.

"It's not a band-aid. It should be used for folks that are really working towards self-sufficiency, meaning they want to keep their jobs. They want to pay their bills on time. Maybe they got caught between jobs," said Goodrum.

Two East Texas shelters directly benefit from this statewide grant.

The Family Crisis Center in Lufkin says they rely on their annual 35,000 dollars.

"The money that we receive from that grant goes directly towards the victims, helping prevent homelessness. And, it also provides assistance, such as rent and utility assistance," said Assistant Director of the Family Crisis Center, Diedra James.

Love INC also applied and will receive 100,000 dollars. This was the first year they applied for the max amount.

Shelter directors say, without the money they cannot continue to support those individuals needing assistance.

"What we've seen is folks that are really trying hard to maintain stable homes and housing for their family. And, we want to continue trying to make that possible," said Goodrum.

"We're very grateful for this grant every year. We've applied for several years and have received it. And to see this grant funding go toward the victims every year, makes us very happy," said James.

The shelters say they will receive their relief funds September 1st.