Nacogdoches shelter finds way to beat summer heat

The shelter says they will continue without air conditioning
The shelter says they will continue without air conditioning
Royce Oliver, GODTEL director
Royce Oliver, GODTEL director

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - Sweating is their relief from the searing heat.

GODTEL homeless shelter in Nacogdoches has no air conditioning, but they say it's an incentive for people to get back on their feet.

As the temperature nears 100 degrees...there's no air conditioning inside the building, and they plan to keep it that way.

"We're planning on moving to a new location in the near future, or in the future anyway and we're not going to air condition it," said Royce Oliver, GODTEL director, "it will be brand new. There will be more fans because we'll have better wiring and stuff, but you know, air conditioning isn't for everyone."

"The purpose of our ministry is to preach the gospel message, but it also is to give a person the time to go out and get a job, straighten their lives out," said Oliver,"so, we really want them to have just a little extra incentive to save their money, get their own apartment if they like that air and pay for that air."

In Lufkin, fire and EMS crews load their trucks with ice water, knowing heat-related illness calls will keep them busy.

"It's just starting to pick up as we are really getting into the true heat of the summer and people are outside," said Jimmy Ragsdale, Lufkin EMS coordinator, "as activities increase, the heat-related calls do."

"I'm standing here dripping wet sweat whether we are inside or outside. It doesn't seem to make much difference," said Jen Blanton, GODTEL client.

A lot of the rooms upstairs have old wiring, so fans aren't allowed for fear of a fire.

Air conditioning or not, clients say it's still cooler inside than out.

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