East Texans can cut energy costs this summer

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Electric companies, like TXU, are looking to help East Texans save money on their electric bills this summer by dispelling a couple myths.

Myth one is to never turn your a/c off during the hot summer months because it takes longer for the system to cool back down.

"With the price of energy, it's cheaper to turn that unit off", said Oncor Area Manager, David Collier. "And, when it comes back on, even if it runs 45 minutes to an hour to catch up, you still haven't used as much energy as it would take to maintain the temperature in the home while you were gone."

Energy companies say customers need to be patient while the house is cooling.

"Then it's going to take some time for that to work. It's not going to work any harder," said Independent Consultant for Ambit Energy, Casey Salge.

Myth two is to keep your fan on all summer to create less work for your air conditioning.

"Once you leave the room, or once you leave the house, it's just moving air, so it's not saving you any energy leaving it on," said Collier.

Myth three is that a glare in the windows in the summertime means you need to replace them.

"You want to do your best to block any sunlight coming through that because that's going to transfer the radiant energy into your house and make it hotter," said Salge.

While these myths are just that, there are ways you can conserve energy in the summertime.

"Raise the thermostat, making sure that doors and windows are closed..all those are simple things. Keep the blinds closed, that type of thing," said Collier.

"If you can just turn your a/c down a little bit, one degree is going to save you about 8% off your bill," said Salge.

TXU also suggests replacing your air filters regularly, cleaning the lint trap in your dryer, and keep the outside a/c unit clean as well.

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