Zavalla council fires police chief

Jimmie Hodges
Jimmie Hodges

ZAVALLA, TX (KTRE) - The Zavalla City Council has fired its police chief after just two months on the job following a meeting Monday night.

Mayor Greg Fletcher said the council vote was three for and none against in terminating Jimmie Hodges. One council member, Pam Hooks, abstained from the vote.

The decision came just over a week after the council put Hodges on leave to conduct an internal investigation into Hodges.

"I still think he's a good law officer," Fletcher said. "I think dearly of him and have the utmost respect for him. The city council just decided to go a different route."

Fletcher would not go into detail about why the council made the decision, but that it came after the investigated different complaints against him.

Fletcher said the council will discuss what to do with the position at its next meeting, scheduled for August 8.

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