Barnhill daughters face hope with adoption by Nacogdoches family

Kyle Barnhill relinquished his rights in court.
Kyle Barnhill relinquished his rights in court.
Karys and Kyla were adopted by David and Nicole Alders
Karys and Kyla were adopted by David and Nicole Alders

NACOGDOCHES COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - Introductions are in order, something David Alders is gracious to conduct.

"The stars of the show are Karys Hope Alders, here who is six, and our new 13 year old daughter, Kyla Heather Alders," said Alders with the girls sitting next to him.

No one will fully understand the events leading up to why Kyla and Karys became an Alders. Their father, Kyle Barnhill murdered his estranged wife and the girl's mother. The girls were in the home at the time.

David and Nicole Alders are thankful it's ending with happiness. "I really think that the events of March 11, 2009 have been overtaken by God's grace," said Alders of the adoption.

The family is satisfied and relieved that Barnhill chose not to pursue a legal fight, through his own defense, against the relinquishment of his parental rights. Following jury selection, Barnhill agreed to mitigate and dropped his case.

"The relinquishment of parental rights was a means to an end. Our desire was simply to adopt. We had no desire to shame Kyle. We are grateful to him," said Alders.

The girls were hastily called with the good news. Nevertheless, adoption is a bittersweet event. The girls will never forget their mother, Melissa. Nor their father, Kyle, who said no one on the planet loves his girls more.

"That isn't completely true because of what happened," said Kyla Alders about her birth father's statement to the jury panel.

The poised and mature 13 year old can disagree, but still be grateful. "I think that really showed that he loves me now, a lot more than he did," said a tearful Kyla.

There was a concern the girls would lose a birth family, but every step along the way the Alders have included all their daughter's relatives.

"We have enjoyed getting to know the barnhills closer than we ever have before and the Kissingers better. (the paternal and maternal grandparents) And we love them and we just have a bigger family than we ever dreamed of," said Nicole glancing at all her children lined up on the couch.

Two sisters make a family of ten, including brothers. "Which is a lot different than one little sister," said Kyla.

There's even a grandbaby on the way, so everyone must pitch in with chores. "I do folding and I sweep the floor and I sort the silverware drawer," said Karys, 6.

It's a story of loss, generosity and that there's never too much love to go around.

"God has been gracious to us turning something that was really ugly into something that's a huge blessing for us and our future," said David Alders.