East Texas rap group gains local popularity


NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - "They can do it. Whatever you dream, you can achieve, you know," said rap group member, Junior, of Houston, Texas.

That's the message that local rap group, "Texicano" wants to share with others.

The group started in 2004, when a couple teenagers had a dream to do something different. These young men wanted to make a name for themselves.

"Well, I love music, you know, and first I heard all these..my home boys rapping and stuff..and then they asked me if I wanted to join. I tried it, and I loved it," said rap group member, Jose Angel, of Center, Texas.

"We just all motivate each other," said Junior.

The group has been labeled by D-Boi magazine, as the first Latin rap artist ever to shoot a music video in East Texas. The video was called "Kitted Out". It became a hit for some in East Texas.

"We saw that everybody around us was liking it, especially the young kids. That was always something we always turned to because we saw the vibe just come to us. It was just motivation," said rap group member, Jaquie, of Center, Texas.

In less than a year, the group says it got the most views any local artist has ever received on youtube, which was more than 50 thousand.

With all its success, "Texicano" wants to make sure it puts Nacogdoches on the map.

"I mean it's very important, you know, because East Texas, that's our home, you know. You have to represent where you from," said rap group member, Matt Castellano, of Nacogdoches, Texas.

The group performs every weekend, all around Texas and in parts of Louisiana.

They say, as long as they keep building their fan base, they plan to continue making songs.

"We're here to stay," said rap group leader, Joey Morales, of Nacogdoches, Texas.

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