Diboll residents hope city officials re-open city pool

DIBOLL, TX (KTRE) - Diboll residents facing another summer of sweltering hot temperatures are not ready to give up on the relief that a city pool can provide.

One Diboll woman has been hoping the city would reverse its decision.

"I been here 45 years, and I swimmed in this pool all my life. I need the pool now. I enjoy swimming, and the kids enjoy swimming. I love coming out seeing the kids enjoying theirself," says Odyessa Bray.

Bray's hopes so far have gone unfulfilled.

KTRE was contacted about their concerns. When we met with local residents, they were carrying signs with messages that they hoped would reach the eyes and hearts of city leaders.

"We ain't got money for gas to go other places to go get wet," says Shaterra Swift.

"I feel sad because everybody want to get up in the pool, and they won't please open the pool," says Sarah Boston.

2009 was the last time the pool was open. City officials said it would cost an estimated $100,000 for maintenance and to fix a leak in the pool. They said the city just doesn't have the money.

"They said that they didn't have funding for the pool this year. They didn't put it in the budget, but they budgeted for the golf, Diboll golf course and community center," says Cynthia Nash.

So, while city leaders recognize the value of their citizens having a city pool, their decision to keep the pool closed again this summer will have to stand.

"It saddens me because this is for the youth. And every summer, you know, they go to school every day of the year, but in the summer, they need something to do," says Nash.

"Please help us save the pool," says Zamiah Gipson.

With the end of July fast approaching, and the city still under tight budget constraints, this little girl's plea will likely have to wait until next year.

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