Lindale tire shop owner in fair condition after drug bust and open heart surgery

LINDALE, TX (KLTV) - Constable Dennis Taylor believes they have taken down one of the biggest hydro-Marijuana distributors in this area. 
Authorities say although Troy Shelton, owner of the Lindale Tire Shop, is considered to be a prominent business owner in Lindale, it appears his business had nothing to do with his illegal activities.
They discovered Shelton in his bedroom, weighing and dividing pot to sell, according to Taylor.  Authorities say he was traveling to California on a motorcycle, hauling pot back to Texas on his trailer. 
During the raid that took place at Shelton's house on FM 16 near FM 14 in the Red Springs area, they also found at least 100 guns valued at $25,000, Meth, 15 pot plants and about $6,000 in cash.  They say each pound of Marijuana is worth about $6,000. 
Smith County authorities also seized two Harley Davidson Motorcycles, a Suzuki motorcycle, and motorcycle trailer. 
There were also several knives seized along with 15 marijuana plants, various video recording equipment, drug paraphernalia, Meth, and an illegal ballistic military vest.
During the raid, Taylor says Shelton complained of chest pains.  "Matter of fact the suspect just called me about 20 minutes ago from the hospital and said they was fixing to do open heart surgery on him and he apologized, but apologies don't mean anything when you got all this," Taylor said.

According to Lindale authorities, Shelton was injured after falling down while being arrested. He was transported to a local hospital where he is being guarded by a Smith County deputy.

Authorities say there may be more arrests as this investigation continues.

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