11/09/03 - Malvo in Chesapeake, Virginia, for start of trial tomorrow

Sniper suspect Lee Malvo is now in a Chesapeake, Virginia, jail cell, awaiting the start of his trial tomorrow.

The 18-year-old is being tried for the death of FBI analyst Linda Franklin.

His attorneys plan to argue he's innocent by reason of insanity. They claim Malvo was brainwashed by fellow sniper suspect John Muhammad.

Prosecutors in the Malvo case say he's admitted to several shootings. But Malvo's lawyers say any so-called "confession" was an effort to protect Muhammad, whom Malvo called his "father."

Meanwhile, Muhammad's trial resumes tomorrow a few miles away in Virginia Beach.

The state is trying to convince a jury that Muhammad exerted such control over Malvo that Muhammad should be held responsible for the shootings that killed ten in the Washington DC area last fall.

Prosecutors in Muhammad's trial have said they plan to wrap up their case tomorrow. Defense attorneys have subpoenaed witnesses to testify beginning Wednesday.

Both sniper suspects are being tried for different killings, and both could be sentenced to death if convicted.

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