Nacogdoches man reunites Texas A&M alumni with his class ring

Austin Desuin, ring owner
Austin Desuin, ring owner
Jack Klug, found the ring
Jack Klug, found the ring

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - Did you lose your Texas A&M college ring? These were the words Cinda Koh spoke when she finally tracked down the owner of a lost class ring. Recent A&M alumni, Austin Desuin, lost his ring swimming in the San Marcos River. While snorkeling, Jack Klug found the treasure.

"My immediate thought was I'm going to make someone very happy when I return it to them," said Klug.

Klug, an SFA alumni, lost his own class ring 15 years ago, and hopes the good deed he is performing today will happen to him.

"I know that someday I'll receive a phone call saying that my ring's been found, and I'll receive it back. So, I'm happy to do the same to someone else that lost their ring," said Klug.

Austin never even told his parents that his ring has been missing for the last month. He was thinking about buying a new ring.

"It's an absolute relief, like I said to Jack and Cinda when they called me, I never thought I was going to see that again," said Desuin.

Jack was pleased to turn the ring over to its owner this afternoon.

"It was a great feeling. I'm glad I was able to make somebody happy.That was my main intention," said Klug.

"You just miss it. I was still having like phantom ring things. You take out the trash or throw a ball or something, and go, is my ring still on? No, it's not, can't be, I lost it. So it's just wonderful to have it back," said Desuin.

Cinda hopes they'll keep in touch.

"I'm happy about that, but the other thing is he's already friended me on Facebook. And, I know that he plays in a band, and that they travel a lot. And, I'm like, I feel like I have a connection with him now," said Koh.

"Hopefully he'll hang on to it this time," said Klug.