East Texans look to A/C units for heat relief

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - East Texans are cranking up the A/C to survive the summer.

"Look at the weather we're having, 107 to 110," said homeowner, Lonnie Stone.

So much, that many units are reaching their breaking point.

"It was just taking so long to cool the house down, you know, like ten hours from the time I would get home, you know. It would still be 80 degrees in the house at night," said Stone.

Lonnie Stone noticed a drop-off in the cooling ability of his air conditioner.

"It's very inconvenient, you know. We're used to having it pretty cool when we sleep, and so there's no sleep when it's hot," said Stone.

He says not sleeping affects his job performance. That's why he called in a technician to take a look.

Phones are ringing off the hook at Pax Sun in Lufkin, as many as 20 calls a day.

"... A lot of them aren't getting below 75, 76 during the day, if that, so at night time they're cooling off. They're doing all they can do," said Pax Sun Manager, James Blackwood.

Not everyone needs a repair man.

"A lot of people are just wasting money on service calls," said Blackwood.

Pax Sun says they get a lot of false alarms about air conditioning repairs because people want immediate relief.

So the problem is not being patient. Our repair guy says most units are designed to cool quickly in 95 degree temperatures. So, with triple digits, it may take a little longer.

"You got to have an air conditioner nowadays," said Stone.

Pax Sun is giving priority to health concerns, homes with elderly and expecting moms.

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