Drought conditions causes Center to start water conservation

CENTER, TX (News Release) - The City of Center water utility is formally requesting all customers to initiate water conservation measures at homes and businesses.

The current drought now has Center officially fifteen (15) inches below normal rainfall totals for this year. This is now one of the most significant short-term droughts in Center's history.

These drought conditions have already significantly impacted the availability of water in both the Old City Lake (Mill Creek Reservoir) and Lake Pinkston which provide all water within the city.

With continued drought conditions expected for at least the next several months, it is anticipated that mandatory restrictions of use will be required to insure adequate water for normal daily consumption needs.

It is expected, with current demand, that production from Old City Lake will not be possible within the next two weeks.

If that production does become unavailable, Stage II restrictions will become necessary, which include mandatory restrictions of irrigation system usage and other limitations on consumption.

At that time, the plan requires penalties or fines be enforced to comply with use restrictions. If Stage II is required to be implemented, requirements recommended below will become mandatory and be provided to all customers.

Violators will receive warnings for an initial period. Should the drought persist to trigger Stage III of the plan, the mandatory restrictions will remain in place and rationing will be activated, which includes rate penalties for excessive use.

Current steps that can reduce water usage and help prevent mandatory restrictions include hand watering of plants, reducing irrigation system run times and durations and monitoring all water usage.

Irrigation or lawn watering should be significantly reduced and occur only between the hours of 8 p.m. and 6 a.m.

We are also recommending that all businesses and residents begin complying with an even/odd schedule for landscape and lawn watering.

Those locations with even numbered street addresses should water on even numbered calendar days and odd numbered addresses should water on odd numbered days.

Please check for any leaks around your property that could warrant repairs or causing unnecessary water loss.

If you observe any water leaks on water lines along city streets, please report those to the water department at 936-598-2941.