Texans working on eliminating the big play

HOUSTON, TX (KTRE) - The Houston Texans finished last season with a 6-10 record. The team did not have much to show for what was suppose to be a break out year. For fans who watch every game it seemed like they were so close, but many games ended in heartbreak because of one play.

They snatched defeat from the jaws of victory time and time again. Don't believe it? Remember Jacksonville's hail mary, the Jets final drive, the Colts and Cowboys coming back and winning, after a while it just became routine.

Texan's coach Gary Kubiak explains that its those few plays that make all the difference. "I believe they can do it, but they have to go do it," said Kubiak.  "I can't go out there and make that throw, or the catch, or the tackle or the play. They are the ones who have to make it those game winning plays. It's our job to prepare them and get them in position, but the key to taking that next step as an organization is making those plays."

The Texans first pre-season game is just six days away now. With each practice defensive players get that much more experience in the new defensive system.

In the new defensive system Connor Barwin is moved to linebacker, he says he trusts the new coach completely. "The best part is how confident he is in his defense," said Barwin. "I mean he has been doing this so long that he knows his system works. That is rubbing off on not only me but the entire defense. Also the thing I enjoy about it is the disguise. When I was a D-end they knew I was coming every time."

The Texans have made many moves this short offseason. Houston hopes they all pay off with their first trip to the post-season as a franchise.

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