Budget cuts hurt Nacogdoches County fire departments

Bryan Loudenslager, Melrose Fire Department Officer
Bryan Loudenslager, Melrose Fire Department Officer

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - Volunteer fire departments showed up to Tuesday night's Nacogdoches County Commissioners meeting, worried about budget cuts.

Already, the county has eliminated the teen court program, an armored car, and 6 staff positions.

All emergency service districts are facing cuts as the county reviews funding.

The commission says the crippled economy is forcing their hand. But, the fire departments are asking for whatever financial help they can get.

"What I need is just for the people to understand that the volunteer fire department is in their need out there because we just can't run just off the little bit of funding we get," said Melrose Fire Department officer, Bryan Loudenslager. "We need more funding, and this is the need for the county departments, even though they are ESDs, to continue this county funding."

Budget talks are in the early stages. Further discussion is planned this month.

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