Face Lift In A Bottle

"My eyes, they're baggy under here," complains Leah Fulgum.

"Some of the drooping here," Robin Solomon doesn't like her laugh lines.

"The older I get the more droopy my eyes get," explains Gloria Bethany.

"I'm getting crow's feet," says Leah.

"I don't like the vertical lines on my lips," says Robin.

These three East Texas ladies say would like to get rid of the wrinkles, fine lines and crows feet on their faces, but they don't want to have plastic surgery. So when they found out about "The Natural Face Lift" they wanted to try it.

On of the co-creators, Gatha Crowson agreed to give them a demonstration.

She applied the cream on their face. The all natural cream is greenish in color and has a clean scent according to the ladies.

The cream then turns into a hard mask. The mask should be kept on for about 25 minutes. As it hardens, Yvonne Erwin, a register nurse and "Natural Facelift" saleswoman says as it hardens it starts lifting your sagging skin and strengthens facial muscles.

As the face hardens the women must stay completely still and silent, because the mask only works if it doesn't break or crack.

After 20 minutes it turns into a very hard, almost plastic like substance. When it is warm to the touch it's ready to come off.

The ladies says the results were phenomenal.

"The wrinkles on my forehead are 50 percent less noticeable," says Robin.

"It lifted my eye lid and eye brow completely and it erased the fine lines around my eyes," says Gloria.

"I noticed a difference right away, my check is higher. It lifted my skin and made the lines around my eyes less noticeable," says Leah.

All three women said they saw a difference and felt the product really worked after just one application.

Gatha says in order to see the best results it needs to be used every other day for 90 days.

The Natural Face Lift cream costs 50 dollars a tube which last about a month, or 135 dollars for a 90 day supply.

To learn more about The Natural Facelift click www.faceliftnonsurgical.com