UT Health C enter Cancer Study

The National Cancer Institute and U.T. Health Center are looking for women to volunteer for a study on two breast cancer drugs. It's the first clinical trial to compare Tamoxifen, a drug proven to reduce the chance of breast cancer, with Raloxifen, another drug that has the potential to reduce breast cancer risk.

The study is recruiting 22,000 women from all races and ethnic groups, especially African- American women. According to the NCI African-American women are more likely to die than any other group of women affected .

To be eligible for the study, women must be postmenopausal, at least 35 years old and have an increased risk of breast cancer as determined by their age, family history of breast cancer, personal medical history, age at first menstrual period, and age at first live birth.

All participants will receive one of the two drugs for five years. The medications will be provided at no cost to participants.

The participants will be required to have blood tests, a mammogram, a breast exam, and a gynecological exam before they can be accepted in to the study. These tests will be repeated at intervals during the study.

For more information on this study call 903-877-8888