Three Cups A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

by Michelle Mortensen

A cup joe, cup of java, cup of mud. Not matter what you call it -- most people say they love coffee.

"Oh that's the best taste in the world."

"It smells wonderful."

"I drink it all day long."

It's popular for a variety of reasons, the most notable being caffeine. But you can now add cancer fighter to the long list of reasons you have to justify you indulgence.

"It wouldn't surprise me. It comes from a plant so it can't be all bad."

According to a group of researchers in Germany, three cups of coffee a day can keep the colon cancer doctor away. The research has East Texas doctors perking up.

"Apparently brewed coffee can cause an antioxidant called methylpyridinium, which increases the activity of phase II enzymes, which are thought protect against colon cancer," says Dr. Svetislava Vukelja from the Tyler Cancer Center.

Dr. Vukelja says the antioxidant is only formed during the roasting process, so your only way to get it is with a cup.

But local dietitians say it's not just the antioxidants that make coffee a colon cancer fighter.

"Coffee also tends to have a laxative effect which does help to decrease your risk for colon cancer," explains dietician Mandy Jefferson.

People have gone to great lengths to get their coffee fix to fight cancer.

"They have used coffee in enemas, not at medical institutions but elsewhere, not just for colon but other cancers," says Dr. V.

But most people say they'll get their fix the old fashioned way and drink their way to better colon health.