FBI, rangers search Tenaha city offices for bugging devices

TENAHA, TX (KTRE) - Tenaha Mayor George Bowers has confirmed that Texas Rangers and FBI agents searched city property for bugging devices this week.

Ranger Tom Davis is the lead investigator in the case, according to a spokesman with the ranger's office. Messages have been left for Davis.

Bowers said he was present on Monday as the state and federal agents scoured the workplace for bugging devices. The search was conducted after city work hours, according to Bowers.

"To my knowledge no devices were found in city hall," Bowers said. "They pretty much came in and started looking in every office. I can't put it together what they're trying to do or prove."

There are rumors several bugging devices were found inside the police station. City Marshall Tom Reader acknowledged the searches, but would not confirm or deny that any were found in the police station.

"I can not comment as it's an ongoing investigation," said reader.

Sources, who asked to remain anonymous, say they saw agents conducting interviews. At least two individuals were interviewed, including a former city employee and an elected law enforcement officer, according to the sources.

In the last couple of years, Tenaha has been plagued with all sorts of internal problems, including a civil lawsuit involving alleged illegal stops of travelers passing through the small East Texas town. City officials and Shelby County District Attorney Lynda K. Russell are named in the suit. Russell is resigning in December.

Last year there was a break in of the city marshall's office. Evidence, including records and drugs, was stolen. Former City Marshall Barry Washington, also connected with the lawsuit, resigned.

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