Burglars pilfer East Texas pizza truck

KILGORE, TX (KLTV) - Kilgore investigators are on the prowl for frozen pizza thieves, who targeted the Nestle Frozen Pizza Distribution Center. It happened Monday morning, around 3 a.m., in the 1100 block of Energy Drive in Kilgore.

Police say the trail has not cooled off yet.

A DiGiornio pizza truck was burglarized Monday morning. Kilgore police say the suspects stole close to 20 cases of frozen pizza. "I don't have a clue why someone would steal that much pizza," says Kilgore Police Captain Roman Roberson. "And it's frozen pizza so you either have to cook it or get it to the freezer quickly, so we're still not sure what the motive was in stealing that much pizza."

Roberson said the suspects broke the lock off the door and used the aluminum hand truck to haul the frozen pizzas away.

The thieves failed to close the door, so workers say pizzas valued at $3,400 were lost in theft and damages.

Officials remain puzzled over the pizza case. "The quantity is what gets me," said Roberson. "The amount that was taken, I mean I don't know what you do with that much frozen pizza."

Kilgore police say they don't have any leads, but the pizza perpetrators did leave something behind-- finger prints. Roberson says authorities will continue to look for the thieves, and figure out why steal so much pizza. Burglary charges will be filed in the case.

Authorities say this is the second time the distribution center has been hit by pizza thieves. The company did not file a report the first time.

If you have any information, call the Kilgore Police Department.

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