Weiner Dog Racing Gives Dog Lovers Something To Relish

It's as American as apple pie or the flag. Athletes meeting on the field, or in this case, parking lot of battle to run as fast as their little legs will take them. And have no doubt, these contestants push themselves to the limit to get ready for the event.

"I trained her in the hallway," said Blaire Reynolds, trainer of 'Little Bit'.  "I'd sit her down and say 'come here little bit'."

These wiener dogs may look cute, especially when they're dressed like 'Jenny', who was wearing a pink shirt with black feathers and glitter rounding the collar. But don't let the pink fru-fru fool you... These dogs are serious competitors. Some of the competitors had to talk some trash before the race began, while others just got to know each other. But when the lights came on, it was all business.

"All is fair in love and dachshund," said Laurie Brown, trainer of 'Lola'.  "We came out here last night and practiced."  Brown hoped the extra practice would give Lola an advantage.

Keeping the dogs on track seem to be the toughest task. Some would play to the crowd while others made a break for it. But every good trainer has a trick up their sleeve to keep the dogs focused.

"I think the trick is what they have at the end of the run to entice them," said Anne Sullivan, trainer of 'Jenny' and organizer of the race.

In the end, it was harley who had the fastest wheels. But regardless of which puppy trotted away victorious... They're all weiner's in their owners' eyes.