Marijuana Plants Pulled By Deputies

Marijuana growers normally dry their weed themselves. But the pot that was allegedly being grown by a man in Nacogdoches County is now being dried by the Deep East Texas Narcotics Task Force.

Sheriff's deputies who were trying to serve a mental health warrant discovered more than sixty marijuana plants growing at a house near Pleasant Hill. Deputies confiscated the plants and arrested Craig Baldridge.

Baldridge is now undergoing a mental health evaluation, but he will more than likely be charged with possession of marijuana.

Sheriff Thomas Kerss says home-grown marijuana is not nearly as prevalent as it once was. But he says it is definitely still around. "Due to our enforcement effort in this state and nation, it's easier for them to buy the drug already grown and produced in Mexico and have it shipped across the border and try to smuggle it up then it is to try to get away with growing it here."

Kerss says once the weed is dried, it will be taken to the Department of Public Safety lab in Tyler to be weighed. The total weight will determine the degree of the charge that Baldridge faces.