East Texas bank celebrates 100 years in the community

Thomas R. Dailey, Grapeland State Bank Chairman of the Board
Thomas R. Dailey, Grapeland State Bank Chairman of the Board
Norman Ormiston, Grapeland State Bank President
Norman Ormiston, Grapeland State Bank President

GRAPELAND, TX (KTRE) - Grapeland State Bank reached a community milestone. On Saturday, they celebrated 100 years. The bank's president feels proud and says this accomplishment speaks for itself.

"Very gratifying, considering all the turmoil you've seen in the banking industry, in the crisis of the '80's, we survived that of course, and this most recent financial crisis," said Grapeland State Bank president, Norman Ormiston.

The Chairman of the Board, Thomas Dailey, says this milestone is due to Ormiston's help in doubling bank assets since 2004.

"We have reached a milestone, and very few banks can, I think, have that opportunity to say they've been in business for 100years," said Chairman of the Board of Grapeland State Bank, Thomas R. Dailey.

Serving since 1990, Dailey is the most experienced board member, and he aspires to carry on the family ownership, remembering his father, aunt and uncle.

"I just wish they were here to see what we're doing today. It's very gratifying," said Dailey.

The bank is one of the three family owned banks in Houston county. Ormiston and Dailey say their success all stems from their hardworking staff.

"Word of mouth is, I feel, one of the best forms of advertisement and community involvement, which our whole staff, like I said we have 9, everyone of us is involved in the community some way or another," said Ormiston.

"We're a small town bank, and everyone knows Grapeland, and they know Grapeland State Bank. And, I think it's our employees. When people walk in the door, they know they've reached a good bank where people are going to take good care of them," said Dailey.

With nearly 28 million in assets, the bank says there's no limit to their growth.

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