Angelina Co. Commissioners plan to combine J.P. Precincts 3 and 4

Commissioner Scott Cooper, pct. 4
Commissioner Scott Cooper, pct. 4
Commissioners look over map
Commissioners look over map
J.P. Claude Marshall, Jr. Pct. 4
J.P. Claude Marshall, Jr. Pct. 4

ANGELINA COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - Angelina county commissioners have approved a resolution to dissolve justice of peace precinct four into precinct three.   The decision is part of their redistricting process, but commissioners say it will also save taxpayers money.

In a special meeting on Monday morning, county commissioners came together to hear the final input from J.P.'s about the consolidation.   In the meeting it was determined that precinct 4 and precinct 3 will consolidate.

The initial plan county leaders were working on would have combined the precinct with precincts three and five.

"what we were trying to do is keep the precinct lines the same that way people will know where to go and vote and there won't be so much confusion," said J.P. Claude Marshall, Jr. Pct. 4.

Marshall stands to lose his office.

"I'd like to keep all the voters who used to vote in precinct four now they'll be eligible to vote in precinct three," said Marshall.

The consolidation will make it the largest geographical precinct in Angelina county, it also leaves the county with four precincts.

Last week, county leaders said they were losing money on the extra J.P. Court, and that precinct 4 had the lowest demand for service.

Scott cooper, county commissioner of precinct four, said he is willing to do whatever he can to keep the services available to the people in the area.

"we're almost guaranteed to have the tax office there no matter what. I have some ideas about how we can keep the J.P. Working there part-time if nothing else," said cooper.

County leaders say the consolidation will take plan will take place,  but they are expected to make an official finalized vote on next week.

Others want to shut-down the courthouse completely. The logistics are still left to be worked out.

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