New technology introduced for simple lawn watering

a new online calculator for lawn watering
a new online calculator for lawn watering

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Up against one of the worst droughts in history, keeping your lawn green and healthy is a science.

Angelina County Ag agent Cary Sims is the go-to guy for the solution.

"Because to really keep it in top notch shape it's going to require a big water bill," he said.

With watering, start simple.

"The standard answer is infrequently and deeply," Sims said.

Sims also suggests keeping sprinklers on, until the water seeps down about three to six inches.

"We want to really soak that root zone and let it kind of dry out," Sims said.

How long and how often to water is a little more complicated.

A new online calculator can make it make it simple.

"To use the calculator you need to know is if your grass is in the sun, shade or part sun and shade," Sims added, "and you need to know how much water your sprinkler or sprinkler system puts out in a given time."

The calculator uses your specific conditions to determine how long to keep the water flowing.

And don't wait too late to get started.

"If I put it out in the morning, all day that grass will dry out. Fungus won't grow where it's dry," said Sims.

Becoming a do-it-yourself lawn pro can save water and save you money.

To check out the lawn watering calculator click here.

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