Crews monitoring wildfire near Central Heights

NACOGDOCHES COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - He couldn't stand back and watch his neighborhood go up in flames. 17-year-old Stephen Bryce picked up a hose and joined firefighters trying to stop the spread.

"All I seen is a bunch of smoke, and all the fire trucks. And, I came out here, and I started patting at the fire," said Bryce.

His neighbor, Nicholas Cooper, sounded the alarm, enlisting help for county road 915 near Central Heights.

"I was at home when a friend called, said there was a fire on 204. I jumped out of the house and walked down here, and I seen the fire and started helping," said Cooper.

Cooper says there was no time to think. The choice was either to fight the flames or lose his home.

"I didn't want it to spread, so I just started helping. It intimidated me a lot," said Cooper.

The neighbors had to work quickly.

"Pulling the hose, running the hose, stomping out the fire," said Cooper.

Professional fire fighters never thought of asking their brave volunteers to leave once they arrived.

"The one's that's here are doing a great job holding 'til we got here. It's a great feeling, but I mean that's anywhere in East Texas they're going to do that," said Nacogdoches Battalion Chief, Frank Hamby.  "When we arrived on scene, it was to the highway, actually crossed highway 204."

Hamby says the fire was fast moving.

Help kept pouring in. Melrose, Cushing, Central Heights, and Appleby Volunteer Fire Departments all responded. By five o'clock, containment lines surrounded the blaze.

Even with the flurry of fire crews, Cooper wasn't leaving until his neighborhood was in the clear.

"As long as it takes," said Cooper.

Crews were still out Tuesday evening monitoring the blaze. The fire is estimated to have damaged 5 acres.