Zavalla's Ellermann avoids elimination in Episode 2 of 'Top Shot'

Zavalla native Dustin Ellermann narrowly avoided elimination by winning an individual competition on Episode Two of "Top Shot" on the History Channel.

Ellermann's teammates voted him into the competition against Sara Ahrens after they lost the team competition.

But Ellermann impressed in the elimination round, which was a competition with a Smith & Wesson M&P .45. Ellermann outscored Ahrens 24-11 to avoid elimination.

In the team competition, Ellermann competed in the first leg of a competition with an AK-47. Ellermann hit his target on the first shot. However, his teammates could not keep up the pace and fell to the red team.

Ellermann's teammates on the blue team voted him and Ahrens into the elimination competition, citing his lack of professional experience in marksmanship.

A preview for Episode Three appears to surround Ellermann's impressive week, with others on the show saying he is not someone to be taken lightly.