San Augustine Wolves ready for a comeback year

SAN AUGUSTINE, TX (KTRE) - We will win.  A new coach, a new program, a new slogan… we will win.

"The biggest deal was they needed to expect to be able to win. The first thing I told them was 'we will win'," said Head Coach Donald Hubbard, San Augustine Wolves.

The 2011 San Augustine Wolves football team is gearing up for a different kind of season this year: The winning kind.

"Hadn't won a lot around here the last couple of years," said Hubbard.

"I don't want to go oh and ten no more… Last year, there was a lot of dragging around - up, high tempo this year. Think we're going to do good," said Tyaundre Taylor, Junior Wide Receiver.

Taylor is ready for to start a new tradition.

"It's very important," said Taylor.

Their record doesn't reflect that. The wolves have only won three games in the past two years. It has to be different this time.

"It's my last year. I'm a senior now. I feel like we got a new coach, a new system. I think we're ready for this year," said D.J. Barks, Sr. Offensive Line.

It's the last chance for Senior Barks to do things right on the field.

"We're ready to win, that's the main thing," said Barks.

It's all about the first game for Head Coach Hubbard.

"My most exciting game is the first one. Being a new program and everything - just starting - I want to see what they can do starting off," said Hubbard.

What's on the menu for the first course? The Colmesneil Bulldogs.

"That's the biggest game there is," said Hubbard.

"Eleven people. We all gotta play," said Taylor.

"We're very confident, very confident going into this season," said Barks.

Though Coach Hubbard is focused on what's first, the Wolves themselves have a craving for Hornets.

"It's a rivalry game - Hemphill," said Barks.

"It's a lot of trash talk. On Thursday they come down here or we go up there. And they do a lot of trash talk. We gotta play on the field," said Taylor.

Last year, the team took home the win over Hemphill, but Coach Hubbard isn't taking anything for granted.

"We don't want to be overconfident by any means. We know we still have a lot to prove," said Hubbard.

But that doesn't mean they're not setting high expectations.

"Expect to have a winning year," Taylor.

The level of confidence.

"They believe they can win now. We're going into the season of being a winning football team," said Hubbard.

The excitement is palpable.

"Very good coaches, They care about us. they want to win also. They got confidence in us," said Barks.

The passion for playing and leading their teammates.

"Going hard every play," said Barks.

"Be supportive, stay outta trouble. Keep your grades up. We're behind them 100 percent," said Taylor.

... It all seems to be contagious.  In fact, experts predict San Augustine to be one of three teams headed to the play-offs in their district.

"We want to be picked for the play-offs, therefore, I was glad to see that. I think we deserve it," said Hubbard.

That kind of faith by fans and experts just fuels the team's fire.

"Hard work and dedication is all we need," said Barks.

Coach Hubbard believes this team can do more than just win a football game.

"We want to win off the field as well. We want our kids to represent our school, our community, something everybody can be proud of. That's what it's about. Being a winner in life," said Hubbard.

That's puts a lot of pressure on the Wolves. But it's nothing they can't handle.

"The pressure is there, but that's football, and that's life. You gotta learn how to deal with it and cope with it," said Hubbard.

And still win the ball game.

"I want to win," saidTaylor.