Lufkin diners give $900 for new wedding gown

LUFKIN, TX (AP) - A former waitress whose wedding dress was stolen is getting married Saturday in a new gown thanks to $900 from some loyal East Texas diners.

Crystal Wilson of Lufkin says she's thankful for "good people in this world."

Wilson on Monday learned that her dress, which she bought for $100 at a thrift store, was swiped during a break-in at a dry cleaners. She told The Lufkin Daily News that there was no way to replace it, at the same cost, before her wedding.

Wilson stopped by Lone Star Charlie's Family Restaurant on Monday night.

Owner Wade Jabbour told The Associated Press that Wilson had been a good worker, word of her plight got out and a dozen customers gave her money.

Wilson bought a new gown Tuesday.

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