Strangers replace East Texas bride's stolen wedding dress

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Less than a week before tying the knot, Crystal Wilson learned her wedding dress was stolen from the cleaners.

"I thought my wedding day was crashed," said bride-to-be, Crystal Wilson.

The frantic bride-to-be met up with her best friend, Kelly, to come up with a plan.

Both worked together at Charlie's restaurant in Lufkin until Crystal found a new job.

"She's just wonderful. She has a heart of gold. And, I think that's what drew me to her. All she wants to do is take care of her babies and marry the man she loves," said best friend and part-time Lone Star Charlie's waitress, Kelly Wilson.

Those at Charlie's also noticed the same qualities.

"She was a good waitress. She showed up on time. She did her job like she's supposed to," said Charlie's owner, Wade Jabbour.

Three loyal customers are stepping up to save the day, donating 900 dollars to buy a new dress.

"It renews my faith in mankind, you know. Because there's a lot of bad out there, but there's so much good left too," said K. Wilson.

Best friend Kelly knows how hard it is to find a dream dress.

"I still look at the pictures, you know. Even though I'm not married anymore, I still look at the pictures because that dress meant so much to me on that day," said K. Wilson.

On Tuesday, Crystal and Kelly rushed to a bridal store in Tyler, cash in-hand. Two aisles and five minutes later, Crystal fell in love, again.  812 dollars saved Crystal's wedding, paying for a new dress and everything she'll wear on her big day.

"I was absolutely amazed. I know now that I'm really blessed. People that you really don't think, at the time, you know, that would help in a situation like that. Those are the ones that pull through," said C. Wilson.

The wedding will take place Saturday at 6 p.m.

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