Nacogdoches Sheriff's Office arrests 19 during Baby Doll's sting

One of dancers cries after being told she was going to be arrested
One of dancers cries after being told she was going to be arrested
Sign on VIP area of club
Sign on VIP area of club

NACOGDOCHES COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - The Nacogdoches Sheriff's Office arrested 19 people during a sting at a Nacogdoches County gentleman's club.

Authorities placed everyone employed at Baby Doll's under arrest.  The club is located near the Angelina County line, and running warrants on every customer in the business.

Sheriff Thomas Kerss said the club has been in violation of showing nudity at the club. He says the club advertises itself as a "bikini bar" to get around the county's sexually-oriented business order that requires these types of businesses to get a license to operate.

"The establishment has to be a licensed premises identified as a sexually-oriented business, and then every employee - whether their a volunteer working for tips, the bouncer, the DJ, the bartender - doesn't matter. They're all required to have a license," said Kerss.

Kerss said undercover officers have witnessed nudity at the club.

Deputies used drug dogs to sniff for illegal narcotics around the area.

One of the dancers, Krystyna "Jipsy" Reynolds, 21 of Lufkin,  is also charged with a misdemeanor offense of possession of marijuana.

[View a mug shot slideshow of arrests made at Baby Doll's]

Eleven Baby Doll dancers were booked-in as of Sunday morning: Jennifer Baker, 29 of Nacogdoches; Jessica Cash, 25 of Nacogdoches; Chelsea Dillard, 19 of Cushing; Shannon Powell, 24 of Nacogdoches; Milly Reese, 32 of Lufkin; Lucy Austin, 34 of Nacogdoches; Amanda Diaz, 25 of Nacogdoches; Crystal Jones, 19 of Woden; Yolanda Williams, 23 of Lufkin; Anita Johnson, 35 of Nacogdoches.

Other employees of the club arrested are: Andrew Cannon, 32 of Nacogdoches; Jason Jones, 31 of Nacogdoches; Joseph Thacker, Jr., 31 of Nacogdoches.

Marisa Almaraz and Alejandro Barrios are charged with minor in possession.

Joshua Driver is charged with theft of firearm after deputies say they found the gun in his vehicle.

"The patrons themselves really haven't done anything wrong," said Kerss.

Patrons could leave, unless a warrant was out for their arrest.

All of the employees at the business Saturday night are charged with violation of having unlicensed sexually oriented business, a Class A misdemeanor.  The manager of the club, Joseph Thacker, Sr., 57 of Nacodoches, was also arrested when he showed up after the sting was started.

The dancers were allowed to change clothes before leaving in handcuffs.

Kerss said they are trying to determine who to charge in connection to a gun found near the front of the business.

Sheriff Kerss says the club became a priority for his office because they were breaking the law, and were an embarrassment.

"It's somewhat of an eyesore for our county... I don't think it's something the citizens of the county really expect us to ignore," said Kerss.

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