Huntington ISD starts new year pulling the most water from city's short supply

HUNTINGTON, TX (KTRE) - A week after asking residents to conserve water, the City of Huntington's biggest customers just came back online.

"Due to the startup of school, we're kind of in a wait and see pattern to see what kind of water usage the school is going to have," Huntington City Manager Bruce Milstead said. "After this week we'll know where we are on our pumping rates and how much the school is using."

Just last week Milstead said residents need to cutback on outdoor watering to conserve the city's dwindling water supply.

He said the same applies, even more this week.

"Those water tables have got to get recharged somehow, so if we go another three or four months without any significant rain, we're probably going to have to buy a lot of water from Lufkin," Milstead said.

Tapping Lufkin's water is the backup plan, but the district already has conservation measures in place.

"We do have automated faucets in some of our buildings," Huntington Elementary School Principal Melanie Stubblefield said. "With some of our new construction, we were able to implement some of those and so that helps a lot because the students don't walk away with the faucets running."

There are already plans to teach the youngsters about conservation in the classroom.

"After you brush your teeth, turn the water off," Aiden Hopper, a student at Huntington Elementary School said.

"I don't wash my hands for long because it wastes water " Reily Hicks, a student at Huntington Elementary School said.

The city called the situation a double-edged sword. Their largest consumer coming back means revenue, but between the school and residents, they're pulling water faster than it can be replaced.

With Lufkin as a backup, the City of Huntington said they're not in danger of actually running out of water.

On a side note, the district said they now are required to provide water for the students this year in their cafeteria.

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