Surveillance video shows store worker fighting off gunman

Surveillance Video
Surveillance Video
Sopunna Heng, Kim Food Mart Owner
Sopunna Heng, Kim Food Mart Owner
Sophea Heng, Kim Food Mart Cashier
Sophea Heng, Kim Food Mart Cashier

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - Surveillance cameras recording workers counting cash and sweeping up at Kim Food Mart also captured 41 seconds of terror.

Last Wednesday night, a group stormed the Douglass Road convenience store. The woman behind the counter looked up to the barrel of a pistol in her face, as one of the suspects demanded money.

"During that time that they came, there was no one here. And, that's why they had the opportunity to come in," said cashier, Sophea Heng.

Behind the counter, Sophea Heng's mother, who was counting cash, actually grabs at the gun.

Sophea, comes running with a broom, but one of the robbers grabs her instead.

"I don't know. I guess that just didn't go through my mind yet. I just saw them, and I just tried to get to my mom as fast as I could," said Heng.

Sophea says she heard a loud noise and came running, never thinking of the risk she was taking.

"We work hard, and they come and act like it's theirs and just come. And, the fact that they hit my mom, yeah, that makes me mad," said Heng.

The Hengs installed cameras in the store to catch kids stealing candy.

After six years in Nacogdoches, the family says they never imagined they'd see a brutal attack in their store.

Investigators tell us everything about the robbery is strange.

"This is sort of unique in the number of offenders. We don't see a lot that involve 3 offenders," said Nacogdoches Police Sergeant Greg Sowell.

The three left with an undetermined amount of cash. Heng says it's about 2,000 dollars worth.

Still, Sophea's brother can't believe his petite sister fought back against anyone with a gun.

"I don't know what's on her mind, you know. But, when my mom, she like is a little bit nervous," said store owner, Sopunna Heng.

41 seconds later, the three robbers disappeared, and the store was quiet again.

The first suspect is described as black, with long black wavy hair. The second as black, with black hair and blonde highlight and wearing black pants. The third is described as black with long black hair and wearing a gray hoodie with blue sleeves.

They could be wearing wigs, according to police.

Police spokesman Sgt. Greg Sowell said police believe the three could be men dressed as women.

Anyone with information about the suspects should call Crime Stoppers at 560-INFO (4636).

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