Drought conditions causing major pest problems in East Texas

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - Every summer homeowners deal with bugs. This summer is no different, except the drought has made the problem worse, exterminators are even perplexed by some of the insects they're seeing.

"Everybody is having bug problems. If it's not heat, they're talking about, they're talking about bugs they've seen," says Carra Liles, Owner of Carra's Pest and Termite.

The variety of insects seen this year reminds Liles of her contract work in Iraq.

"It was like a kid in a candy store over there in the pest control world," says Liles.

Now unidentified creatures in East Texas are catching her attention.

"We're seeing species locally that some of us can't identify. We're having to send off to entomologists, to the big bug doctors, to help us with it," says Liles.

Then there are those species way too familiar to customers and exterminators.

"I had scorpions. I had ants," says Glynn Layton, a customer.

"Earwigs," says Liles.

"And rats," says Donnie Burgin, an exterminator.

Bugs and rodents are like the rest of us.

They want to cool off.

"And they're looking for a good place to cool off, to get a drink of water and eat," says Burgin.

Exterminators spray insecticides to create barriers to the inside.

Special attention is placed on air conditioners where condensation attracts thirsty ants.

"And most people refer to them as sugar ants and that's what he really looks like," says Liles.

"If you don't take care of the bugs, they're going to eat you out of house and home," says Burgin.

The best prevention method for property owners is to reduce food sources for bugs and rodents.

Professional treatment, at least twice a year, is also a good idea.

"All bugs know how to survive, until we get 'em," says Liles.

Complaints about mosquitos and flies aren't as prevalent as past summers. There are a couple of reasons why. There's no moisture around and people aren't spending as much time outdoors to notice the ones that are buzzing around.

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