Hemphill ISD officials say they fired woman for nude pictures

HEMPHILL, TX (KTRE) - Hemphill ISD officials had a lot to deal with on the first day of school. They were getting calls about online, nude images of an employee taken during a weekend biker rally.

Superintendent Andy Trekell says the woman admitted to dancing topless at the event. He says since she wasn't a teacher, but an at-will employee, she was fired immediately.

Hemphill parents seem to support the decision.

"Shocked... Bothers me very much - showing their privates like that," said Kay Bass, parent.

"I'm glad they were able to terminate her because people like that shouldn't be allowed to work in the school house," said Tina Rothen, parent.

Superintendent Trekell explained to us that when a person's actions became a public matter, their employment in his schools became a problem. He added that school district employees are held to a higher standard.

However, not everyone thinks the firing was a fair one.

"I think it's bull crap. I think what she does on her own time is her business," said Don Browning, attended rally.

Don Browning says he was at the biker rally, and didn't see any kids there.

"There was other school teachers out there. They might not have done nothing, but they was out there," said Browning.

Tashma Nichols owns a bakery across the street from the school, she says the people you hire should share the same morals and values your business stands for.

"If anybody that comes to work for me as an employee needs to represent my business in a positive manner," said Tashma Nichols, A Piece of Cake Bakery owner.

She adds people need to be cautious of their behavior in public.

"With this technology there's no telling what people can take a picture of you doing, or video of you doing," said Nichols.

Once it's posted on the Internet, it's there for the public... And your boss to see.

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