Parents complain of traffic troubles in Central ISD

Bonnie O'Quinn, Central ISD grandmother
Bonnie O'Quinn, Central ISD grandmother

POLLOK, TX (KTRE) - Bonnie O'Quinn is tired of the long wait to pick up her grandchild from school.

"It is ridiculous, I think. There had to been a better way of doing it. It's backed up the highway. It's backed up back towards the elementary," said O'Quinn.

With two campuses along busy U.S. Highway 69, navigating traffic at Central ISD is sometimes harder than it looks.

Parents tell us the process of picking up and dropping off each day can take as much as 45 minutes.

So this school year, Central ISD is rolling out a new traffic flow plan.

"I don't think they realize how many people pick up their kids nowadays because they don't want them riding on the buses because different things happen on the buses," said O'Quinn.

School district officials wouldn't talk to us on-camera about parents' concerns or even the new plan.

Central ISD superintendent, Allen Garner, did say the change moves pick ups behind the campus.

He says this keeps parents from making dangerous u-turns on Highway 69.

"We want to ensure safety. So, this year we've asked parents to pick their students up from the back of the building. This keeps traffic off of 69, and parents don't have to make a dangerous u-turn in the middle of the highway once they've picked up their kid," said Garner.

"This way has been much more effective. Yesterday, we had all students picked up in 16 minutes,"said Central ISD Director of Operations, Joe Collmorgen.

Garner says he expected the first day of school to be a little busier.

"Of course the first day of school is generally busy. People want to pick up and drop off their kids. But, carpool flows quicker after the first few days," said Garner.

Faster and safer is the goal of the new route, and Garner says it will be more efficient once regular bus riders stop carpooling.

O'Quinn doesn't buy it.

"Well, I don't think they thought it through very well. When there's not that many kids that ride the buses anymore. You know, a bus passes, and there may be 10 kids on it," said O'Quinn.

This grandmother said she doesn't know what the solution is, but this isn't it.

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