Who Killed JFK?

Forty years after he was fatally shot, more than 80 percent of Americans still believe there was a conspiracy to kill the president and that the assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald, did not act alone.

After a thorough investigation, including more than 70 interviews, ABCNEWS has produced a two-hour special that separates facts from conspiracy theories and gets to the truth. The special will air on Thursday, Nov. 20 at 8:00 p.m. on KTRE-TV, two days before the 40th anniversary of the Kennedy assassination.

"There has been so much innuendo and presumption in the conspiracy theories, that on this 40th anniversary of the president's murder, the subject cries out for review," said Peter Jennings, who anchors the special. "The truth is knowable."

Peter Jennings Reporting: The Kennedy Assassination — Beyond Conspiracy will showcase intricate forensic technology that makes it possible to be an eyewitness to the crime of the century, allowing viewers to see precisely what happened in Dallas' Dealey Plaza on Nov. 22, 1963. Award-winning animator Dale Myers has spent the last decade creating a three-dimensional, computer-generated reconstruction of the assassination based on maps, blueprints, physical measurements, more than 500 photographs, the Zapruder film, and crime-lab and autopsy reports. His work has been independently evaluated and given the highest marks by the foremost practitioners of this type of forensic analysis.

ABCNEWS conducted extensive interviews with friends and family of Oswald and his killer, Jack Ruby; former officials from the CIA, FBI, the Russian KGB and the Dallas Police; important players in the Kennedy and Johnson administrations; and participants in the various official investigations, including the Warren Commission.

In addition, the broadcast makes use of some of the more than four million documents relating to the assassination that have been released in the last few years.

"It is very hard to believe that the most powerful man in the world could be murdered unless it was a conspiracy," said Tom Yellin, who co-executive produced the special with Mark Obenhaus. "Now we finally have the information and the tools to answer questions that have perplexed and fascinated the nation for 40 years."

Tune in tonight at 8:00 p.m., right here on KTRE-TV 9.