If approved, Hudson residents could pay for Angelina Co.'s first ESD

Rick Bray, Hudson Volunteer Fire Dept.
Rick Bray, Hudson Volunteer Fire Dept.
Angelina Co. Judge Wes Suiter
Angelina Co. Judge Wes Suiter

ANGELINA COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - Taxes could also go up for residents in the Hudson area. Angelina Commissioners are weighing the worth of the county's first emergency services district.

"I think people are going to gripe about the tax increase, but they won't gripe when their house is getting put out," said Wayne Fondren, Hudson resident.

Hudson Volunteer Fire Department stands to benefit from Angelina County's first Emergency Services District.

"ESD one for Angelina County... Will allow us to have better equipment and better training," said Rick Bray, Hudson VFD Treasurer and firefighter.

Friday, the county will hear testimony from those who live in the area.

"The Hudson Independent School District excluding areas that lie within the city limits of Lufkin," said County Judge Wes Suiter.

Commissioners first have to determine if the ESD could support itself and benefit the community.

"If everything goes through the way we hope it does on Friday, we will be on the ballot in the next general election," said Bray.

If voters approve, the county will appoint a board of directors to run the district and set a tax rate.

"It's just up to each and every person in that district whether or not they think its worth paying a tax," said Suiter.

Texas law allows for a maximum rate of ten cents per worth of property.

Most of the potential ESD taxpayers we talked to said they would probably vote for the formation of the district. However, they said they wanted some of their questions answered before November.

"I'd like to know what its going to be spent on," said Connie Stout, Hudson Business owner.

"The thing is you need to educate the people. Let them know what you're doing, why you're doing it. People at this time don't want their tax raised," said Suiter.

Hudson firefighters think they've proved their worth.

"You gotta be a little bit crazy to run into a burning building, you also have to be dedicated. We do this because we love to serve and we want the tools to do our jobs better," said Bray.

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