Officers cracking down on drunk drivers Labor Day weekend

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Drink, drive, go to jail. It's an old campaign, but a clear message for a renewed push this Labor Day weekend.

All available law enforcement officers will be on the roads looking for impaired drivers. This weekend is "no refusal." So if you're pulled over and refuse a breath test, your blood will be taken.

Officers say the "No Refusal" weekends have been proven to reduce drunk driving.

The Angelina County Jail will ensure cell space for those suspected of impaired driving.

State troopers say if kids under 15 are in the car with drunk drivers, they face a felony DWI.

"Somebody a lot of times that is impaired is not what we consider the stumbling person that's walking around drunk and so you have to realize that we're talking about impairment which is judgement, coordination, and reaction that's affected," Sanches said. "It doesn't really take a whole lot to do that sometimes."

Sanches said the public shouldn't hesitate reporting impaired drivers.

The average DWI will cost offenders about $12,000 by the time all the fees are paid.

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