Jasper City Council calls for a November recall election

Chinita Seastrunk, Jasper resident
Chinita Seastrunk, Jasper resident
Veronica Schuler, Jasper resident
Veronica Schuler, Jasper resident

JASPER, TX (KTRE) - The outcome of a special meeting of the Jasper City Council was decided before the session ever began.

"We need justice for Jasper," said Jasper resident, Chinita Seastrunk.

An appeals court ordered council members to set a recall election or face jail time.

Some aren't happy about the forced hand.

"Don't think it's fair that they're asking them to put something on the ballot that's basically going to vote them out," said Seastrunk.

However, more than 300 Jasper residents signed a petition, claiming 3 council members played favorites in the hiring of Police Chief, Rodney Pearson.

Chinita Seastrunk didn't sign her name. She thinks the recall has nothing to do with Pearson's qualifications.

"The underlying issue is, I don't want to think it's racial, but realistically, that's really what it's looking like it is," said Seastrunk.

"There's nothing black and white. It's what's right and what's wrong," said Jasper resident, Veronica Schuler.

Veronica Schuler says the council knowingly put a poorly-qualified candidate in office.

Thursday night, Tommy Adams, Willie Land, and Terrya Norsworthy were forced to approve a recall. One that could potentially remove each of them from office.

"They went along with the court order, and that we can get on with the recall election. And, everybody can get out and vote. Then, they'll really see how the citizens feel about what's going on," said Schuler.

The saga set into motion with a petition on July 27th will now last until election day on November 8th. Voters will have the final say whether council members will keep their jobs.

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