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Water Jet Power Washer

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - The Water Jet Power Washer attaches to your everyday garden hose and is supposed to be the next best thing to using a real power washer at a fraction of the price. We 'Try It Before You Buy It!'

The 'Water Jet Power Washer' is sold on TV for $19.95 plus $8 bucks shipping. It's supposed to do everything those expensive power washers do without you having to lug around those heavy compressors. The Water Jet comes with two nozzles, one for a jet stream and another for a fan spray. It easily attaches to any standard garden hose.

The television commercial says the 'Water Jet' is great for washing your car or for cleaning dirty, grimy wheel rims. After a few minutes using the product to clean the dirt from the wheels on my truck, I found myself being disappointed. It hardly washed off the surface dirt much less the street grime and brake dust. I tried again using the jet stream nozzle. It worked a little better but still was not what I was hoping for.

So what about the product's claim that the 'Water Jet' has the power to wash away the ground in dirt on your patio? I started using the jet nozzle to clean the concrete walkway to my front door. It did clear away some of the dirt from the concrete, but it'll be a very slow process to clean the whole walkway!

I did find that the 'Water Jet Power Washer' did sort of live up to its claim that it's a good tool to use to clean second story windows and siding. However, don't plan on it being powerful enough to clean away any mold or mildew that's built up on your house's siding!

Overall, I think the product under delivered on what it promises. To me it was nothing more than an expensive hose nozzle. On a scale from 1 to 10, I would give the 'Water Jet Power Washer' a 4 at best.

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