Living Day to Day

For the Kueck family of Tyler life has been pretty normal. Three children doing well in school and extracurricular activities.

Steve and Sue Ellen are deeply involved in their community and church, but five months ago that all changed.

One Friday night Sue Ellen began to feel sick, and by the next morning...

"Not doing any better, still just kind of curled up in pain and I said let's go. About nine o'clock we went to the emergency room at mother frances and I want to say by 9:45 we knew there was a mass."

That mass, detected here at Mother Frances Hospital was on the front of Sue Ellen's brain. It was the size of a lemon.

Sue Ellen doesn't remember much of what happened that week, but in a matter of six days she underwent three brain surgeries to remove the tumor. A fourth was needed two weeks later.

Keeping things normal for their children was and is a priority.

Even days before her last surgery they were at a baseball game. Even there a special moment.

"Before we went to MD Anderson, my son had a baseball, an all-star game. We, the team came out on the field after it was over and prayed, and gave me a ball, its up there on the mantel, with all their names signed on it. I thought about that a lot," Sue said.

This family thinks a lot about the prayers of hundreds of others this summer and even today. While only microscopic traces of the tumor remain doctors say Sue Ellen's tumor could re-appear any day. Even with all they have been through this family says they have asked why this has happened. Rather they remain humbled and grateful for what has happened and what they pray will happen in the days to come.

"Its been overwhelming. So many people have told us that they are praying for us and that gives us comfort," Sue Said

"I think prayers from other people are the reason Sue's here today. I don't think you can underestimate the power of prayer and what its done," Steve said.

"Well we still kind of prayer day to day to get through day to day. That the chemotherapy that I am on it works that i just have more days."

"And really there's medically and from where she was, to where she is, I mean she almost died twice in the hospital to where she is now is just remarkable. It's a miracle, and doctors call her their miracle patient," Steve said.