East Texans encouraged to donate blood on Labor Day

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - The Blood Center of East Texas reminds locals that less than an hour of your time can save two lives.

"The need for blood does not take a holiday or ever close down. Surgeries will go on. ER patients will go on. Traumas will go on. The need for blood never takes a holiday," said blood center technical services manager, Theresa Fain.

Donating is free, and over the holidays, like Labor Day, there are typically less donors.

"We always have less donations during the summer and on the holiday, and of course, we're looking forward to our high school and colleges getting back and building our blood supply," said Fain.

Colleges and high schools help supply blood during the school year.

Many who work at the center also donate.

"It just gives you a great feeling knowing that you're saving lives and you're helping other people save lives," said blood center technician and donor, Kathy Dupree.

Dupree has donated since she started working as a technician 36 years ago.

"I absolutely love my job," said Dupree.

She said although  she was intimidated the first time she gave, she has donated nearly 100 times.

"It's just the fear of the unknown. Once you do it that first time, it's like I can do this," said Dupree.

Janie Spencer is also a repeat donor. She comes in every 8 weeks.

"I've always felt the need to donate money and wasn't able to afford it. And, donating blood doesn't cost anything. It makes me feel good," said Spencer.

Spencer inspired her husband to donate while she was pregnant. Now they donate together.

"He still donates, is a donor. He was only going to do it temporarily while I was unable," said Spencer.

The blood center encourages everyone to take a moment out of your Labor Day holiday to donate.

The Nacogdoches center will be open from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Monday for donations.

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