Zavalla's Ellermann survives another week

Photo courtesy of Dustin Ellermann.
Photo courtesy of Dustin Ellermann.

Zavalla native Dustin Ellermann did not win his leg of a rock-throwing challenge and his team lost the overall challenge, but he survived another week anyway on a national cable show competition.

Ellermann's blue team nominated two other players on his team for elimination, guaranteeing he would stick around for another episode of "Top Shot."

Episode 5 was the first week that did not involve guns. The players exhibited their marksmanship with axes, knives and rocks. Ellermann competed in a rock-throwing competition against a player from the red team, but lost that competition, 5-1. His team lost the overall competition to the red team, 8-3.

In the team meeting after the competition, Ellermann offered to go into the elimination round. However, his teammates told him he had shown his value to the team and should stay.

The next episode of Top Shot will be shown Sept. 13 at 9 p.m.