President Obama's jobs speech to Congress to air tonight

WASHINGTON (AP) - Hours before President Barack Obama's jobs speech to Congress, Republican leaders are already criticizing his approach.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell says Obama seems determined to reintroduce economic policies that haven't worked. He says Obama should be "thinking less about how to describe his policies differently," and spending more time "thinking about devising new policies.

The President is expecting to pitch at least $300 billion in jobs proposals. And his chief of staff is hinting that some of the money would come from higher taxes on wealthier Americans. Obama is hoping to put Republicans on the spot with his jobs proposals -- and force them to take a share of responsibility for solving the country's economic woes. White House officials say he will formally send his plan, which is being called the American jobs Act, to Congress next week.

A Pew Research poll this week found majorities of Republicans, Democrats and independents skeptical that the proposals Obama will outline will do a lot to create jobs. A series of polls finds that Obama's standing and his approval ratings on the economy are at or near the lowest levels of his presidency. But an Associated Press-GfK poll finds that more people assign chief blame for the economy to former President George W. Bush and congressional Republicans and Democrats than to Obama.

PROGRAMMING NOTE: The President's address to Congress will air tonight at 6 on KTRE. The East Texas News at 6 will air immediately following that speech (approx. 6:40 PM).

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