Local self-defense expert takes her Nothing But Bull campaign to Diboll

Photos by: Brad Hill
Photos by: Brad Hill

Being a bully is, 'Nothing But Bull,' according to one local self-defense expert.

Gabriella Roberts says she has been bullied, so has her child, along with some other 3.2 million children and it is time to stop the terror.

Roberts has developed an anti-bullying campaign called 'Nothing But Bull' that combines her skills in martial arts and her knowledge about what to do about bullying to help empower children.

"I just think a lot of parents are in denial about what's going on and I think that they think of it all the time and they can't.  There's so much going on that everyone needs to get involved point is to network and to get families and community involved."

Roberts says knowing millions of children are bullied each year, inspired her to do more to try to help put a dent in the bullying problem.  Thursday she campaigned at the T.L.L. Temple Memorial Library in Diboll.

"It teaches children how to walk in confidence and empowers them with some of the knowledge that they need to know so they will be able to deal with bullies because they do deal with them on a daily basis."

She shares her anti-bullying message with anyone willing to listen.  She says every presentation that she makes is reassurance that she is doing the right thing.  "It makes me feel like I'm doing my job.  I'm doing what I'm supposed to be doing, what I'm here to do.  Martial Arts have always been a passion for me, but when it comes to teaching, the kids how not just to be physical, but to be really mentally stable and strong then that encourages me in turn."

And she says many times she sees immediate benefits of her efforts.  "I was teaching at a college this past summer for Lone Star and some of the children I was teaching had bullied they were some of the worst cases and before class was over with they were walking in confidence.  They felt very encouraged.  So, yes, that's one of the signs within a short period of time of the program.  I've seen its effectiveness."

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